retainerWearing Retainers

Now that your braces are off, it is necessary for you to wear retainer(s) in order to keep your teeth in their new positions. I recommend full time (24/7) wear for the first year. You take them out only to eat and brush and when you play contact sports or swim. Also, do not chew gum with retainers in the mouth. After the first year, you will continue to wear the retainers at night, indefinitely. If you do not wear your retainers as instructed, the teeth may relapse back to their original positions, and this could necessitate more costly treatment such as putting the braces back on again. When they are not in your mouth, keep them in the provided case.


upperhawKeeping Retainers Clean

When you brush your teeth, brush your retainers. Rinse the retainers with cool water, never hot water, as it will distort the retainer. Never leave retainers on a tray, table, or exposed to heat. Never wrap it up in a napkin. Keep your retainer away from pets or other children. If the retainers develop a residue that does not brush off, you can occasionally use a denture cleaner or Aquablast retainer cleaner, but do not use hot water, as the retainer will distort.


broken-retainerBroken Retainers

If the retainer is lost or broken, let the office know immediately. Your teeth may shift unless a new retainer is made for you. There will be a laboratory fee for any lost or broken retainers, so please be careful.



retainer1Retainer Appointment

Keep your retainer check up visits. I will check and adjust the retainers periodically. I would like to check you several times throughout the first two years. Bring your retainers with you to these visits. After the first two years, I will be happy to check the retainers and evaluate the orthodontic result, as needed.