Braces Monmouth County NJ

Braces Monmouth County NJ
Braces Monmouth County NJ

Result of Treatment

Orthodontic treatment usually proceeds as planned, and I intend to do everything possible to achieve the best results for every patient. However, I cannot guarantee that you will be completely satisfied with your results, nor can all complications or consequences be anticipated. The success of treatment depends on your cooperation in keeping appointments, maintaining good oral hygiene, avoiding loose or broken appliances, and following the orthodontist’s instructions carefully.

Length Of Treatment

The length of treatment depends on a number of issues, including the severity of the problem, the patient’s growth and the level of patient cooperation. The actual treatment time is usually close to the estimated treatment time, but treatment may be lengthened if, for example, unanticipated growth occurs, if there are habits affecting the dentofacial structures, if periodontal or other dental problems occur, or if patient cooperation is not adequate. Therefore, changes in the original treatment plan may become necessary. If treatment time is extended beyond the original estimate, additional fees may be assessed.

Children Braces:
Phase Treatment —This is a type of treatment where orthodontic correction is completed in 2 phases, called Phase I and Phase II. This option is for children who have not yet lost all of their primary (baby) teeth, but need to start orthodontic treatment. It is a very efficient way to treat very complicated cases early. It can be considered early intervention and preventative treatment for a few reasons.

Adult Braces:
Sectional Braces -In some cases full braces are not necessary. Sectional braces are indicated when mild correction of teeth and jaw problems exist. Aesthetic Braces Ceramic/Clear Braces -For those who do not like the appearance of metal braces, clear braces are an alternative.

Habit Control:  Habits such as thumb sucking can damage teeth and jaw bones. The underlying habit needs to be corrected before braces.