Dr. Olcay offers a variety of orthodontic appliances that accompany traditional treatments to straighten the teeth or correct over- or under-bites. Some of them can be used by themselves or in conjunction with braces to address a number of orthodontic issues.

headgear1Face mask

Face mask is usually worn to correct under bites. There is a frame in front of the face that is attached to the teeth with rubber bands. It is worn at home only.




Headgear is useful in correcting overbites. It is made of a strap that goes around the neck, fixed to a facebow that’s typically attached to the mouth / molar. Headgear is usually worn at home only.




Rubber bands, or elastics, work hand in hand with braces. They help correct bite issues and fine tune finishing stages of orthodontic treatment. Compliance with rubber band wear is crucial to success of orthodontic treatment. Not wearing rubber bands can significantly prolong orthodontic treatment time and/or compromise results.



Expanders are used to widen the top jaw to correct cross bite. Generally it attaches to back molars and needs to be turned daily.



cribOther Appliances

There are different appliances that are used to correct overbite and/or space issues. They are attached to back teeth. If there is a harmful habit such as digit/thumb sucking or tongue thrusting that is the underlying cause for an open bite it needs to be controlled. There are different appliances that can help control/stop the habit.